It wasn’t until a few years ago I started the storyline and novel development for this universe. The main human empire, the Holy Daverian Empire, was first developed in 3rd grade and to this day I’m still constructing.

In 3rd grade my teacher gave us a project for the end of the school year. This project was to develop a country with the following information:

1. Name of country

2. Flag of country

3. Culture for the country, did they talk “funny” or wear goofy clothes? Such were the painfully simple parameters given to us.

Throughout the class various different shades of the United States were created. Mostly my classmates made island nations where people had fun swimming and playing all day. The idea was simple and unique, but it was too childish. I took to this project with a burning blaze of focus I’ve never shown in my younger school years.

I developed the name, religion, flag, currency, military, and culture. This is the early version of my empire…

1. Holy Davidian Empire

2. The emperor is also a god who the people worship and serve with complete loyalty.

3. Currency was much like the Euro currency system.

4. The military was divided into two branches. Infantry and galactic navy.

5. The flag was designed more as a mural showing the many empires that fought to stop the Davidian Empire from spreading across the whole planet the empire eventually dominated.

After 3rd grade I wouldn’t continue development of the empire until I was in 6th grade when a similar project came. This was more advanced, I had to create a continent out of clay, design rivers, and build cities and an economy. I also had to design a government for my empire.

The Davidian Empire dominated an area of land about the size of Russia and China combined. The empire believed in a form of capitalism, but its government was different. Everyone else either thought it was funny to recreate the Third  Reich for their empire or made a monarchy. The Davidian Empire had a non-racist Theocratic Fascist goverment. The leader is a god and has supreme power,  the empire can take from its people when in need and those loyal to the empire and the god would be blessed and taken care of. There was no poverty, those who could not find work immediately simply had to visit a government center and take a test. The test would show the government what they were good at and would receive a job based on their skills and gifts. What fueled the success of the empire besides the figurehead being an immortal deity of vast power, was the empire’s aggressive expansion. My classmates played a game at recess where each of us played everyone in our empire. I would play as the god and give command to my general, then play as my general giving command to my soldiers, and then fight my classmates on the playground. Or we would have large negotiations among our leaders and diplomats. By the end my empire massacred the other nations. Every man, woman, and child that wasn’t killed in combat was executed. The animals were slaughtered and the cities reduced to rubble to make way for Davidian buildings.

After 6th grade the empire faded from interest and only came to me when I drew stick figure battles. When I went into the military and returned my empire came back to me while free-writing. The empire had become a space-faring civilization that expanded across galaxies unopposed. It wasn’t enough to make a novel out of, but boot camp had given me a perspective I could never gain from my civilian life. The story developed until I had a simple storyline. A second empire I had created months before was assaulting a Davidian(I changed it to Daverian) planet. The Daverians fought with everything they had to hold the planet. That was the setting, the story followed Kael Nesta.

Kael Nesta was a young Daverian who was drafted, forced into the infantry, and after an exaggeration of my boot camp experience, thrown onto the front lines. Playing airsoft and paintball helped develop a way of writing combat I still use today. Kael wasn’t the only main character though. My first draft had thirty chapters of various first-person perspectives showing the battle of Vae’ Somm through different eyes. Readers would read how a civilian ran through the crumbling front lines and then read the inner monologue of a general commanding the Daverian defense.  Tank commanders, platoon leaders, Kael’s family, and even forces of the other empire had stories for the reader.

I rewrote the story many times and began designing the entirety of both empires so the lore and realism of the empires was rich. I will design a page for each empire with as much information is available.

As for the novel, I am working with a talented editor who is helping to bring my book to its fullest potential. A few chapters have been removed, but I will post them on the site as samples for everyone to enjoy.