Nov 08

Negative Space

In film there has been a continuous trend aimed towards fusing the wonder of space and fictional horrors or high-stress situations. Gravity, a film by Alfonso Cuarón Orozco, is one such movie that follows this trend. In this film there is one enemy the film shows to the viewer, physics. The Russians destroyed a satellite and inadvertently caused a chain reaction resulting in the deaths of multiple crewmen and pushing the plot along to the end of the film. There are many other films that have accidents, deception, monsters, and even robots pushing the idea that space is dangerous and we shouldn’t go there. Moon, Stranded, Mission to Mars, Armageddon, The Blackhole, War of the Worlds, Independence Day, and many others.

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Feb 05

Best Buy Experience

I worked at Best Buy for over a year and a half. In the time I worked the customers gave me a gift, they opened my eyes to how frivolous and needless the products at Best Buy are. I’m writing this on my Ipad 3rd Generation and having an ipad confirms what I’m saying. I only use it for a handful of things, which my iPhone could easily do. I don’t need an ipad. One customer said, “I need a tablet like I need a hole in my head, but my wife wants one.”

I never understood why a parent would buy a MacBook Pro for their ten year old. Usually the kid wanted it for Minecraft if it was a boy or Facebook if it was a girl. I would say, “you know there is a computer for 599.99 that will do the same as this. Unless your editing a film or photos you don’t need a computer this expensive.” Read the rest of this entry »