Structure of the Empire

Here is an explanation of the government and military of the Sorecrians. Weapons, armor, and other information is provided below.Sorecrian Hierarchy

1. Sorena – goddess and queen of the Sorecrians, sister to Daverius

2. Sorecrian Warlord – Highest ranking general in the Sorecrian military, only one per operation.

The political structure of the Sorecrians is almost non-existent, there are no civilians in this empire. Everyone is born and raised to fight and die.

Sorecrian Races

Upon creating the desolate Mars-like homeworld of the Sorecrians, Sorena began crafting her armies from the dust and rock of the planet. Listed below are the known races and species created and devoted to Sorena.

1. Brute – The most common of the Sorecrians seen in battle. They stand at around eight feet tall with horns on their forehead, like that of a demon, extending another foot upwards. They have four arms for melee, one handed, or two handed firearms. They are trained for battle since birth and are merciless killers that show no fear. Brutes are intelligent, at first encounter the Daverians believed they were just brainless fodder. Brutes can strategize, improvise, and remain calm even when pinned down and surrounded.

2. Sorecrian Hunters – These are in fewer number, but have the role of sniper on the battlefield. Sorecrian Hunters stand between five and six feet, have a long snout, large ears like a bat and large eyes that can see in the dark. Hunters have been seen in many forms, mutations and experimentation is common amongst the Sorecrians to improve the immediate performance on their forces. In the battle of Vae’ Somm they were used as shock troops and dealt more damage passing through Daverian defenses than the Brutes did. Sorecrians are less intelligent when interacting with each other, they behave primitively and fight with each other over food and whatever they want. When in battle they place themselves in Daverian weaknesses, but kill for food over desire to win the battle.

3. Sorecrian Horrors – Horrors are the most feared of the Sorecrians, but are also the rarest found in a battle. Horrors are six legged creatures with spines and barbs jetting out of their long limbs. They also have four arms with vicious claws that drip paralyzing venom from the nails. Their mouths are huge, long jaws that stand a foot off their head. Their long snout is covered with poisonous barbs and jagged teeth. Their hide is tough and sharp like Obsidian. They are extremely light and allow for quick agile movements. If a single Horror is believed to be on the front lines then Daverians are required from high command to blast the entire front with artillery and starship fire. Horrors are only seen in offensive operations against the Sorecrians, which leads the Daverians to believe there might be a limited number of them.

4. Warlord – The evolved form of the Brutes. Reborn as a Warlord puts a Sorecrian at the highest rank in the empire. They are the high generals commanding whole operations against the Daverians. Warlord stand at fifty feet tall, have massive horns protruding upwards from their foreheads, have four arms and large mouths full of teeth. They are extremely intelligent compared to Daverians, until the Warlord is dead or pushed out of the battle the Sorecrians have a chance of winning.

Military rank structure


Brute -> Brute Sergeant -> If the Brutes survive to Sergeant they classify to different jobs such as communications, gunner, pilot, etc. Surviving to Sergeant is the initiation Brutes go through to earn a place in the Sorecrian Military.

High Brute – Four to every one Warlord on the battlefield, these Brutes are the reborn advanced forms that operate as the special operations and command staff to the Warlord.

Warlord – Sorecrian Generals.


Sorena refers to all the Sorecrians as her children as they technically are. She indoctrinates them to believe they live only to earn her love. Every Sorecrian Brute fights to the best he can to earn her favor. If a Brute earns Sorena’s favor then when he dies she will pull his soul to her, sleep with him, eat him completely, and reincarnate him as the next evolution. Brutes become High Brutes, High Brutes become Warlords. If a Brute dies and doesn’t earn Sorena’s favor, then he will be reincarnated to try again. It is unknown how the physical reproduction process occurs, as no Daverian has seen Sorena. Sorena is the only female in the Sorecrian Empire though and the reincarnated Sorecrians are birthed from pods deep in the networks of caves on Sorecrian worlds.


Sorecrians don’t believe in names or individuality, having names for weapons or classifications is pointless to them as they have a small variety.

1. Blades – One handed cleavers extending three to four feet. Two are carried by Brutes.

2. Sidearms – One handed semi-automatic pistol with a forty caliber round holding six rounds. Two are carried by Brutes.

3. Heavy Weapons – Two handed rifles with semi, full, and burst fire settings with a fifty caliber round and thirty round magazine. One is carried by Brutes.