Structure of the Empire

Here is an explanation of the government and military structure of the Daverian Empire. Weapons, armor, and other information is also provided below.

Daverian Hierarchy of leaders from Emperor to Planetary Governor

  1. Daverius Maeus – currently in a comatose state
  2. Dirren Asmeum – Daverian Emperor.
  3. Dirren’s Elitist party – Galactic Lords, Naval officers, and Trooper officers.
  4. Galactic Lord – Every galaxy has a Galactic Lord that governs everything and answers to Daverius. It is the duty of the Galactic Lord to insure that nothing goes wrong in his/her galaxy.
  5. Star System Lord – Every star System has a lord who answers to their galaxy’s Galactic Lord. Their job is to rule over the star system and maintain peace and keep the laws of the Daverian Empire.
  6. Planetary Governor – Every planet has a governor that the residents can vote in and may run for as many terms as he/she wishes. The Governor’s job is to take care of the planet and answers to the Star System’s Lord.

Military Organization

Every Galaxy has its own military. A force of Daverian Troopers resident to the galaxy fill the ranks. It is rare for Troopers to fight in galaxies outside their home, but it happens. The same with starship fleets. The Galactic Lord chooses his military staff and although all military take direct orders from Daverius, they also are under the Galactic Lord.

A percentage of each military force in each galaxy is given to the war effort for expanding the Daverian Empire. Twenty-five percent of a galaxy’s fighting force is sent and often never returns.

While on a planet or star system the star system lord and planetary governor can give orders to the military in the system as long as it does not directly affect the Galactic Lord’s orders. The Galactic Lord’s orders cannot directly affect the orders of Daverius or Dirren and  his command staff.

Military Structure

High Command – The top military officials that answer directly to Dirren or Daverius if he wakes. The decisions made by these men and women can override any order placed by Galactic Lords, Generals, Star System Lords, and Planetary Governors.

Command – Generals and mid-ranking officers that work in their home galaxies under the command of the Galactic Lords.

Field Command – Officers that work with the enlisted forces and are under the command of the Command and Galactic hierarchy: Galactic Lords, Star System Lords, and Planetary Governors.

Branches of the Military

Daverian Trooper Corps – Main fighting force of the Daverian Military. Every galaxy has its own military made up of Troopers and starships. The crews of the starships and the Troopers are born in the galaxy they serve in. Twenty-five percent of the Troopers are sent to expanding fleets that expand the empire.

Holy Daverian Knights – Holy Warriors of Daverius. They answer directly to Daverius and a Knight General’s orders can override any order on the battlefield except for that of Daverius’. The Knights move across the empire on special missions that only they know of and are important to the survival of the Daverian Empire. After Dirren’s rise to power the Knights have abandoned operations across the empire and rallied to their training world.

Royal Daverian Navy – The starship fleets of each galaxy are part of the Royal Daverian Navy. The RDN is printed on each ship near the ship’s name. Each galaxy has one massive fleet of one hundred thousand ships that is separated into smaller fleets to better protect the galaxy.

The Elite – The special forces of the Daverian Trooper Corps. These Troopers are only known by Galactic Lords, Command Staff, and High Command Staff. Each Galaxy has a regiment with full rank structure from private to general. They are the best trained of the Daverian Troopers. Their platoon sizes are half the size of a standard Trooper Platoon.

The Fallen – Troopers in the enlisted rank structure that have  been found guilty of a crime are dropped down to private and expelled from the Trooper Corps and into The Fallen. The Fallen are Troopers that must earn the right to be Troopers again. By serving five years in The Fallen a Trooper may return to the Trooper Corps. The Fallen are an offensive force. Before any Daverian Troopers are on the ground a large force of The Fallen are put on the planet to secure a landing zone for the main force and push back the Sorecrians. Usually prototype technology is given to the Fallen for field testing and most of the time the equipment doesn’t work correctly so a whole squad may be carrying guns that don’t work or they board a Firestorm with test engines that die mid-flight. The Fallen are rarely seen on a battlefield as they are usually killed within the first week of the battle. Troopers and Fallen Troopers have fought side by side, but it is rare. It is rumored that Dirren places Troopers disloyal to him into the Fallen. Any Troopers of higher ranks that could make a difference are long dead.

Rank Structures

Daverian Trooper Corps Enlisted

Recruit                 Private                 Lancer                  Corporal              Platoon Sergeant             Fire Sergeant

Honor Sergeant                                Fire Sergeant of Arms                    Honor Sergeant of Arms                               Major Sergeant of the Trooper Corps

Daverian Trooper Corps Officers

First Lieutenant                                Second Lieutenant          Fire Lieutenant                 Honor Lieutenant            Lieutenant Major                Major                    Captain                                Honor Captain            Lieutenant Colonel         Colonel                                Lieutenant General        Fire General       Major General                   Honor General                                Master General of the Trooper Corps

Military Equipment

Daverian Trooper Corps

Combat Uniform

The Trooper Combat Uniform is the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in the Trooper Corps. It has a built in system to aid the Trooper, a helmet camera, personal computer to help the Trooper, a vital signs monitor for the platoon leader, and many other tools.

The Uniform is white with black digital markings for camouflage that are densely packed at the ankles and are very spread apart at the waist. The uniform color does not change, but each unit has their own names and patches on the uniform sleeves.

The ABS, Automated Body System, is the Trooper’s most used tool. The ABS can be activated when the Trooper tells the uniform’s computer to turn it on. The ABS allows the Trooper to have increased strength, heightened hearing and through the helmet’s visor, zoom in for better accuracy, and greater speed while running. The ABS also helps stop bleeding on wounded Troopers.

The uniform’s computer controls the ABS, monitors the ammunition count in the Trooper’s rifle, gives warning of Sorecrians close by that the Trooper might be unaware of, and continuously checks the atmosphere in case the air is hazardous. In that case the computer will activate Environmental Systems and switch breathing over to a back up supply while the poisonous air is filtered and purified. The computer also makes sure any higher ranking Trooper’s messages directed at the Trooper are heard over any of the other radio messages, this way a platoon sergeant can keep control and give orders to a platoon in a battlefield with soldiers screaming into their radios.

The uniform is divided into three parts: Helmet, Tunic, and Trousers.

The Helmet is made of hard metal that covers the side of the Trooper’s face, comes down above the eye brows, and protects the back of the head. Ear covers for the radio are installed on the interior of the helmet. A hard metal visor closes over the face from the upper front interior of the helmet. When the Trooper enters a battlefield the uniform goes into combat mode and the computer has the face mask close over the Troopers face, sealing around the sides of his head and covering the neck. Once the head, face, and neck are covered by the helmet and visor the visor connects to the Tunic and makes an airtight seal. The visor on the facemask has different view modes for various battlefield conditions. The left eye visor on the mask is where the computer will make its read outs and communicate with the Trooper if the automated voice is muted. The right eye visor will tell the Trooper what adjustments he needs to make to his aiming to be more accurate.

The exterior of the Tunic is covered in metal plates that make movement easier and flexible. If the Trooper breaks a limb the computer will collapse the metal plates to create a splint for the Trooper. The interior of the Tunic has soft padding that makes wearing the suit comfortable. Although the suit is very heavy, the ABS makes it almost weightless. The Tunic is a one piece for the upper body with build in gloves that have metal plates as well. The only openings are for the head and the  body, the hands are never exposed, nor the wrists or arms.

The Trousers are white like the Tunic and Helmet, but have black digital camouflage on them. There are metal plates just like the Tunic and have connected boots with no laces, the metal latches secure around the Trooper’s feet. The attached boots maintain a perfect automated environment so that the Trooper’s feet are not blistered, cold, or too hot. The interior of the Trousers are soft padding as well.

Along with these three articles of the Trooper Combat Uniform, there is the uniform the Trooper wears underneath. The Trooper wears a short sleeve shirt with pants and socks. His head is shaven also.

The Elite

Combat Uniform

The Elite wear a very similar uniform to that of the Trooper Corps, but with some modifications. The Elite ABS has cloaking, faster running, greater strength, sound dampeners on the bottom of the boots that make walking nearly inaudible.

The Fallen

Combat Uniform

The Fallen Trooper’s Uniform is made of whatever the Trooper can find on the battlefield. When equipped at an armory, the Trooper Corps gives unwanted uniforms and broken gear to the Fallen. Usually a Trooper is wearing armor that has no working computer, it doesn’t fit correctly, and is missing most of the metal protective plates. The face masks are badly damaged usually. The uniforms the Trooper Corps gives are taken off of dead Troopers after their funeral arrangements are finished.

The Holy Daverian Knights

Combat Uniform

A Knight wears blessed armor designed by Daverius and forged in holy smithies belonging to the Knights. The Armor has many abilities. Most Brutes cannot dent the armor, High Brutes are strong enough to tear the armor apart and kill the Knight with only two hands. The armor makes the Knight twice his size and doubles his strength, speed, and hearing. The armor is nearly bullet proof to any round.


LPR-15 – The standard issue rifle for Daverian Troopers. With a little to no kick from firing the rifle and full rifle temperature control, the LPR-15 is one of most reliable weapon on the frontlines. Troopers love the LPR-15 and have used it in nearly every battle of the war against the Sorecrians. In the early years of the war the PR-11 was phased out as it was a terrible rifle against the Sorecrians. Never had a Trooper needed to fire so much at once from their rifle. Many empires had fallen to the Daverians while they used the PR-11, but when the Sorecrian war began a better rifle was needed.

The rifle is powered by a laser battery cell that instantly recharges itself upon use. The rifle shoots bullets fed through a magazine that holds one hundred rounds. The laser battery also discharges any backfire from the Trooper firing the rifle. This way the Trooper won’t lose control of the rifle when firing. The Trooper can hold down the trigger and not fight against the kick of the rifle trying to push up or backwards. A Trooper can even snipe with the rifle on single shot mode with a scope connected on the top of the rifle.

There is a computer inside the rifle that synchronizes with the Trooper’s armor computer. The armor computer can tell the Trooper what is wrong with the rifle if there is a problem and how to fix it. It also reports how much ammunition is left and informs the Trooper on changes to his aim when firing single round shots. The computer also maintains temperature levels on the rifle so the weapon does not overheat and break.

A modification slot is installed on all four sides of the barrel. The bottom can be used for grenade launcher or shot gun mods. The sides can have a flashlight or laser pointer mod attached. Last the top can have a scope extension, or have any of the mods from the sides attached. Troopers are equipped with mods they have chosen personally. One mod for each side of the barrel. New mod designs are always coming out so Troopers can personalize their rifles.

C-23 – This is the side arm all enlisted officers and higher ranking officers carry. The lowest rank the pistols are given to are Sergeants. The C-23 has a similar computer to that of the LPR-15 and fire a heavier round to drop most targets within one to two shots. The magazine holds ten rounds. Sergeants and higher ranking Troopers are armed with the LPR-15 like all Troopers, so the C-23 is more of a last resort. The C-23 has also been used in disciplinary actions against Troopers fleeing without being ordered to.

Ashen – The Ashen is a series of weapons modified from the LPR-15 and C-23. The difference they have from the other weapons is the ammunition they fire and the more advanced computer systems inside them. The Ashen are only used by the Elite.

The rounds fired will reduce a target, their armor, and their weapons to ashes upon being hit instantly. The computer in the weapons knows to maintain sound levels and reduces every sound the weapon makes. When a Trooper fires an Ashen LPR-15 or C-23 the only sound that the rifle makes is a low steam-like hiss.

G11 – Also known as the Grinder Cannon or the G-gun, this is the heaviest ground weapon used in the Trooper Corps. This is one of the best weapons on the battlefield for spraying a lot of ammunition over a large area. One bunker with two of these can hold off an entire Sorecrian charge. The Grinder Cannon has a unique grinder system for shaping ammunition out of scrap metal. Standard ammunition is belt-fed and the computer system inside has only three jobs to take care of all the time and all at once.

The G-gun fires large rounds that tear Sorecrians to pieces. When the ammunition runs out the gunners can open the ammunition box and turn on the grinder system. At the bottom of the ammunition box on top of the G-gun is a series of grinding machines that quickly turn any metal debris into rounds which the laser system blasts out of the weapon at great speeds. The gunners simply have to drop metal into the box and even shells from used rounds will work.

The computer takes care of three things on the weapon: Temperature control, weapon functionality and maintenance, and ammunition count. At times the grinder will get jammed with a piece of metal that refuses to break down in the machine. When that happens the computer shuts down the weapon and highlights the area of the problem on the Trooper’s visor.

The grinding is loud and the weapon fires at a slower rate, but the weapon never stops firing. Ammunition for the Grinder Cannon is heavy to move around the battlefield. A box of ten thousand rounds comes with the weapon and after then the bullet shells can be used. This gives the gunners twenty thousand shots before they need to start looking for metal debris.

The G-gun itself is very heavy. It takes two Troopers to carry it, but it can be broken down into three sections so two to three can carry the weapon on their backs until they get to the new firing position. The pieces connect easily and once all three are together the computer powers itself on as soon as the safety is turned off. This is a downside however, many times Troopers retreating to a new defense line will get hit. If one of the pieces of the G-gun is with a Trooper that doesn’t make it to the new defense line, then the weapon will not work. Because of its bulk however, when retreating the Troopers usually set an explosive in the gun and leave it to be destroyed.

AR-19 – The AR-19 is a rocket launcher that has different targeting settings as well as an auto reload slot so the user doesn’t have to stop firing longer than a few seconds. The different targeting modes allow for infantry, vehicles, and sections of buildings like doors or windows to be targeted. The rocket fired is small, but moves at high speeds to catch up with any low-orbit vehicle or fast moving infantry. The Sorecrian Horrors are often fought with this weapon as the targeting system can lock on to enemies behind cover.

T149 – The standard hand-held explosive that can either be planted on a surface through special magnetic settings or thrown. The Daverian Troopers use the T149 when clearing rooms or knocking out Sorecrians behind cover. This grenade has a medium explosive size of the hand-held explosives class. The T149 replaces charges and other engineer-grade explosives. A simple scanner powered on with one button allows the grenade’s computer to determine what material the surface is made of and then with the push of the scanner button again the grenade will stick to the material once it makes contact. A default setting of thirty-seconds for its timer starts the count down once the computer determines living Troopers are beyond the blast radius. If Sorecrians are detected close to it the timer will take five seconds off the timer for every one foot the Sorecrians move inside the blast radius. Each Trooper is equipped with four of the T149 explosive.

Platoon set up – A standard Daverian Trooper Platoon has one hundred Troopers with four of them being squad leaders usually ranked at Lancer. There is also one Corporal and one Platoon Sergeant. Out of the remaining  Ninety-Four Troopers in the platoon there are two gunners that have one Grinder Cannon they use together. Of the remaining Ninety-Two Troopers five are equipped with the AR-19. The remaining Eighty-Seven are all standard Troopers equipped with the LPR-15 and the T149 explosive. All Troopers have the LPR-15 and T149.

The Troopers are trained in using every weapon except the Ashen, only the Elite are trained in using those weapons. The Troopers can use the Grinder Cannon or the AR-15 if the user is dead or injured.

Daverian Standard Strategies

Defensive strategy for a star system

  1. Galactic sensors and probes detect Sorecrian fleets near the star system.
  2. Star System goes on Full Alert
  3. Planetary Governors meet with Star System Lord
  4. Evacuations begin
  5. Planetary Defense Forces are put on high alert.
  6. Fleets in the galaxy nearby the star system and Trooper Generals are contacted.
  7. Reinforcements are sent and news of the coming invasion is sent to the Galactic Lord and sent to Daveria.
  8. Once Sorecrian fleet moves inside the borders of the Star System the Solar Orbital Defense Station targets the fleet.
  9. The Station fires on the fleet, directing the Sorecrian’s attention towards it while the planets and moons are evacuated.
  10. Strategy goes two different ways:
    1. Station holds off long enough for more fleets to arrive, bringing Troopers to bolster the ranks of the defenders.
    2. If the station is destroyed the Sorecrians turn towards the planets and strategy step twelve is applied.
  11. Station is eventually destroyed, but ships have formed a defensive perimeter around each planet.
  12. Defenses are set up, trenches are dug and kill zones are set up. Remaining civilian evacuations are focused in one city while all other cities are set up for landings of military transports.
  13. Daverian fleets form perimeters in high orbit over each planet’s capital city and the star system capital city gets the main defense. If a planet is evacuated then no ships are sent to its defense.
  14. Once Sorecrians are on the planet, Trooper tactics go into play.
  15. If a defensive line is broken and overrun then the next defense line is the rally point. Troopers will fall back until the last line of defense where they will be evacuated in the worst case scenario.

Boot Camp for the Daverian Trooper Corps

Year One:

  1. Physical Training – Interchanging days of intense cardio and intense muscle building with one day off a week.
  2. Classes – History I and II, Math I and II, Science I and II, Religion, and Military Science I and II

Graduation of classes means progression to year two

Year Two:

  1. Physical Training – Exercises done in combat uniform
  2. Classes – First Aid I and II, Combat Uniform I and II, Radio I and II, Military Strategy I and II, Military History I and II.
  3. Training with EDS, Environmental Danger Setting
  4. Combat Training
  5. Rifle issued
  6. Daily Weapons Training

Year Three:

  1. Physical Training
  2. Classes – Trooper Specialization Classes
  3. Space Suit Training
  4. Zero Gravity Testing
  5. Advanced Combat Training
  6. Emergency Training

Year Four

  1. Physical Training
  2. Classes – Advanced Trooper Specialization Classes
  3. Firestorm Combat Training
  4. Advanced Combat Training

Year Five

  1. The Test
  2. Graduation