During the events of my book the planet Earth is brought up several times, but only spoken of in past tense. Earth is gone long before the book starts. I’ve wanted to write a novel of the fall of Earth and have some work on the idea. Why is the Earth gone? This is what happened:

Mankind thoroughly sapped Earth’s natural resources and continued to destroy its own world. Space missions and any attempt to reach out to other planets were given up. The nations of the world united and downsized their military forces. What was left was a planetary guard created to handle problems like hurricane or tsunami catastrophes. The oceans became poisonous, and water levels rose. A fourth of the population today is all that could be sustained. Plants also became poisonous and diseases spread like wildfire through the population.

One day a fleet of thousands of starships took orbit above every city on Earth. Within a few days the cities were smoldering ruins. The government diverted all resources to the war, but the Earth could provide only a few months more of resources. When the power outages began the was was at its end. All Earth forces lost air and armor support. Soldiers soon had to fight with handmade weapons as ammunition could not be manufactured and supplied to the front lines within reasonable time.

The war turned into a one-sided cleanup for the Daverian Troopers. The war was over on multiple fronts, many surrendered and allowed themselves to be converted into pure blood Daverians. When the final battle came, hundreds of thousands still stood against the Daverians, but Dirren had waited long enough. The planet was sucked dry of resources. So the final battle was over in hours. Dirren ordered a Terreform fleet to begin work on the planet. Massive beams shook the planet, slamming it with radiation. In minutes all life on Earth was dead. Weeks later the terraform fleet finished rebuilding the Earth and a new colony was soon set up.