A Brief History

The Holy Daverian Empire was founded by the god Daverius Maeus. Daverius floated through the heavens looking for life. He found a planet much like Earth and its inhabitants were human. The humans living on the planet were tribal and fought with each other constantly. One village in particular caught Daverius’ eye.

The village had a population of sixty-four and comprised mostly of men. This was due to the cowardly village leader taking all the supplies and followers loyal to him to hide in caves overlooking the village when they were attacked. The neighboring villages attacked constantly. By the time Daverius began watching the village a woman lost her son in the attack. Fed up with the village leader she organized the women against the leader. When he returned they called him out on his cowardice and received brutal floggings in response. The woman was tied to a tree, beaten by two men and last the leader cut her throat. Her bravery had captured Daverius’ heart and he rushed to her aid. The men of the village, including the leader were massacred within the blink of an eye. Only the women were left of the village. Their children had all been killed or captured during raids. Daverius brought the woman to life and blessed her with immortality, she would become the Saint Mother. Daverius then gave the women a vision of the village becoming a mighty empire. He told them if they wished he would lay with them and their sons daughters would have his blood in them. Every Daverian in the empire is a demigod and has a lineage straight back to Daverius and one of the women in the village.

As time passed Daverius defended his growing empire from neighboring raids. Whole villages disappeared overnight. Soon the rest of the villages caught on that attacking Daverius’ people wasn’t a good idea and left them alone. As the years passed the village grew into a city-state. Daverius had taught the Daverians how to make armor and weapons from forging metals. The spirit of the Saint was also placed into the body of a Daverian.

The Knights were formed at this time to replace  Daverius as a front-line game changer. The Knights were chosen Daverians who were blessed with death only in battle and armor made by Daverius himself. Their training takes thirty years and begins almost as soon as they can walk and talk. The Knights answer directly to Daverius and perform any religious missions or tasks too dangerous for Daverian prists. One such mission is to find the Vessel of the Saint and return the body to Daverius.

The Vessel of the Saint is a mortal being chosen by Daverius by placing the spirit in the Saint in the body of a Daverian who is unaware of it. If the Daverian proves himself worthy of being the Saint then when he eventually dies his body is discovered by the Knights. The Vessel is taken to Daverius who partners with the Saint Mother to bring the Vessel back to life. Daverius awakens the Spirit of the Saint within the Vessel and the body changes form to a massive beast of a human powerfully muscular and taller than all Daverians. Daverius blesses the Saint with a portion of his power to act as second in command. The Saint can only die in battle, but there is only one alive at a time. When a Saint is alive the Empire goes through a golden age called the Saint Era.

With a Saint alive, the Knights following him, and the Daverian forces pushing into new lands, the Empire doubled in size within a year. The fighting continued between the developing countries and the Daverians. This is comparable to the Romans versus the barbarians. The other nations couldn’t advance as fast as the Daverians were. By the time the empire reached the size I had drawn in my 6th grade class, the technology of the world was equivalent to Earth in the 1940s. Airborne battles, naval battles, and brutal land skirmishes rocked the borders of the Daverian empire. No alliance of any group of nations could stop the slow cancerous spread of the Daverians. Many times the Daverians were hard pressed to win a battle, but rarely did they face a loss. When the last of the nations were crushed a time of peace began and lasted for hundreds of years. The original site of the village the Daverians came from was turned into the planet capitol city. The capitol city was then turned into a grand palace for Daverius who gave no decision on the matter. It was a gift from his people. As things grew quieter and times passed Daverius took his people into space.

At this point the Daverians colonized millions of worlds, hundreds of thousands of star systems, and hundreds of galaxies. They found many space faring civilizations whom they destroyed. One empire they found would not die so easily. The Sorecrian Hordes were led by Daverius’ sister, Sorena Maeus. Daverius is unaware of this, but her massive empire rivaled the Daverians and the two fought for dominance over the universe. My novel takes place during this great war.

At the beginning of the war Daverius entered a comatose state as his spirit. He left to search undetected for the Sorecrian home world. His search ended in failure as an unknown force kept pushing him away. He could not understand the speech of the Sorecrians, which made it apparent a supernatural force was protecting the Sorecrians.

Refusing to give up Daverius returned to the realm where he was born, it was much like Heaven. A plane of reality where time does not exist. He met with his parents who created the realm and spoke with them about the Sorecrians. His parents promised to find the source of the mysterious power and told Daverius to return to his people.

In the time Daverius was in his parents realm several hundred years had passed. The events of the book take place during this time and the book ends with Daverius coming back. In the time the people began to lose faith in the empire. The galaxy lords put a Daverian in charge named Dirren who preached an ideology teaching the people that Daverius left the empire to become like him. The Daverians must be one body, one machine working together. A military draft and several programs for military recruitment and indoctrination were put in place as well as a political part of elitists who spread the Dirren ideology. Dirren had found a way to keep his life prolonged and soon took over the empire.

Many stayed loyal to Daverius and rebelled against the new Daverian empire. Those planets were abandoned by defense forces and left to the mercy of the approaching Sorecrian invaders. Anyone in the empire against the Theocrinean party met a terrible death. The people living onboard ships became the upper class and more controlled population. Colonies were controlled, but freedom was less restricted. Most of the Daverian empire was loyal to Dirren and his party, accepting of the military draft. The Trooper Corps even had its boot camp extended from five months to five years. This made sure Troopers were less likely to question orders. As for the Knights they broke off from the empire and retreated to the Knight world and let the empire continue on by itself.