Interview with a Firestorm Pilot

The Royal Daverian Navy was kind enough to allow us to talk to one of their pilots. Firestorm Pilot Ardus Felstriim has flown over fifty missions in the Battle of Vae’ Somm. This is my interview…

Me: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, sir. Now I’d like to get down to it as I understand you have another flight in a few hours.

Ardus: Not a problem. I would normally jump in another Firestorm my squadron has in reserve, but my CO gave me the extra time while my ship is repaired.

Me: What happened to your ship?

Ardus: Enemy anti-aircraft fire filled it full of holes.

Me: Must have been terrifying. So what is it you fly exactly?

Ardus: I fly a Firestorm dropship that carries a hundred people. The long body makes maneuvering difficult but the top speed makes up for it.

Me: Are there any defenses on the ship?

Ardus: we have front cannons that can take out light armor and infantry. If we are attacked by fighters we won’t have a chance but against ground defenses we’re nearly unstoppable.

Me: How is the battle on the ground?

Ardus: I won’t lie. Those monsters are gaining ground every day. Command has us dropping Troopers off at the front lines now and fewer of us are making it back.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that. The Empire owes you a debt of gratitude. What has been the roughest you’ve experienced?

Ardus: My squadron was dropping Troopers near the Front when anti-aircraft fire filled the skies. The squadron leads were shot down in the middle of the enemy hordes. I made it to my landing site, but not unscathed. The damages being repaired now I sustained while taking off from the landing pad. If any Troopers has been onboard when I got hit there wouldn’t be anything left to pick up.

Me: Are you afraid?

Ardus: We all are. No one straps themselves into that cockpit and doesn’t feel the weight of the fear and brevity.

Me: Has there been any success on the ground?

Ardus: The enemy is strongest on the northern side of the city, but despite their overwhelming numbers they can’t advance across the highway. It’s got sixteen lanes in total and there is little cover. Other than that…no the enemy has taken every city except the capitol city.

Me: This is the largest battle in this galaxy. Are there any famous units fighting?

Ardus: The 9th Guards, one of the more famous units who fought in the battle to take Earth are about to be deployed. There are many others, but it’s unknown how many of our war heroes are alive, well unknown to me anyways.

Me: 9th Guards? Things must be desperate to call them in.

Ardus: Well the original defense force is gone. The first waves of reinforcements are gone.

Me: How many Troopers do you think are on the ground now?

Ardus: Well I’m just a pilot, but my Flight Regiment alone, which consists of over a hundred Firestorms, has taken around…six Regiments.

Me: Six Regiments!? How can we be losing the battle then?

Ardus: That’s all anyone talks about. This is all we’ve deduced so far, since command keeps us in the dark, the enemy has the momentum and until we get better reinforcements like…the Knights were going to be hard pressed for survival.

Me: There has been rumor that Daverius is sending the Knights.

Ardus: Then there is something going on they are here for. They’ll turn the battle in our favor but everyone knows they don’t just come to help.

Me: Well I think that’s all the time I have. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and letting the good people of the empire know more about the battle. We will keep you and everyone else on Vae’ Somm in our prayers.

Ardus: No, thank you…

This interview was made at the Orbital Staging Platform sixteen hours before the enemy destroyed it. Casualties were in the thousands.