Vae’ Somm

Vae’ Somm is an Earth-like planet, one of many natural planets not terraformed by the Daverians. The atmosphere has breathable air despite the cold climate that covers the planet. The planet takes three hundred forty-five days to orbit the star system’s sun. When it is closest to the sun on its orbital path the snow melts everywhere, but the poles, and a grassy highland is revealed across most of the single continent on the planet. With forests, grassy plains, and tropical shorelines, it is identical to Earth.The gravity is higher as the planet is larger for an Earth-planet, so getting on and off the planet is difficult.

There are over fifty-thousand cities on Vae’ Somm and a total worldwide population of 1.1 billion people. The capitol of the planet holds a fourth of the population. Each city has a space port that helps commercial, industrial, and private space craft to enter and exit the atmosphere. When the colony was first set up two hundred years ago, it had a population of one thousand and the colony was set up to provide everything for the colonists and unpaid work was expected for living on the colony. Now life on Vae’ Somm is no different than any of the other developed colonies. There are businesses, fully developed first-world cities.

Crime was non-existent until Daverius the god and emperor of the Daverians went into a comatose state and a dictator rose to power over the empire. Rebellions and riots rose up across the planet and fought against local defense forces until finally the leaders and their officers were arrested and executed. In recent months, before the Sorecrian invasion, hit and run attacks were made across the planet. Besides the rebel faction, there is little crime.

Living on Vae’ Somm comes at the cost of privacy. Each Daverian citizen on Vae’ Somm has a chip implanted in them that allows them to be tracked, watched by satellite, and listened to through audio sensors sticking out of the skin like hair. There are also cameras everywhere and an AI programmed for each camera to report anything out of the ordinary of what is expected. Every door requires the chip to be in the citizen’s arm so it can scan and recognize them before unlocking.

When the Sorecrians began assaulting Vae’ Somm evacuations had been made for most of the cities, but there were millions still waiting for their flight. The Sorecrians hit the planet with an EMP bomb that knocked out the tracking devices, the camera system, and the whole automated defense network designed for shooting down ships in orbit. The Planetary Governor, the Star System Lord, and most of the higher ranking officials in the star system were long gone by the time the Sorecrians entered the atmosphere. Until General Darius arrived with his armies the Daverians slowly lost ground over the next five years. The rebel groups began organizing, stealing weapons and equipment off dead Daverian troopers and searching for a way off the planet.