Emperor Dirren Asmeum

Name: Dirren Asmeum
Age: Eighty-Seven
Position: Vivorat(Holy Mortal) Emperor of the Holy Daverian Empire
Status: Living, immortal

Parents: Areth Asmeum and Elra Asmeum
Status: Dead

Siblings: Jehrl Asmeum and Keenah Asmeum
Status: Dead

Biography: Shortly after Daverius Maeus, the god emperor of the Daverian Empire fell into a comatose state, the galactic lords held a meeting. With Daverius showing no signs of recovering they knew the Empire had to continue on without him. At the meeting they chose a new emperor, it was a young Galactic Lord, Dirren Asmeum, who would be chosen. Dirren Asmeum was one of the High Galactic Lords that reigned over a galaxy closest to the Daverian home galaxy. A High Galactic Lord was part of a heritage of dating before the Daverian expansion into space. His family bloodline traces back to General Ograeus, the first general of Daverius’ military.

Dirren has no family, they were killed when Sorecrians assaulted the star system they vacationed in. The Sorecrians dissolved the atmosphere using a weapon they deployed on the planet’s surface. Dirren was all that made it off the planet and the Sorecrians retreated thinking they had crippled an entire galaxy’s leadership.

Dirren was changed after the loss of his family, the young man of twenty years old took over the galaxy and transformed it. Within a few years,  Dirren had great respect amongst his people. Many swore loyalty to him over Daverius. His laws were just and he ruled with merciful fairness. The Troopers that trained in his galaxy formed some of the most well known Trooper Companies in the war. Cost of living went up as his galaxy was rated number one for safest and happiest.

Little is remembered of Dirren before his rise to power, physically he is Maeselian, and appears to have not aged since the loss of his family. Scientists claim the immense radiation Dirren was exposed to before escaping the dying planet may have immortalized him.

The empire would never know that this young immortal lord had caused not only his own immortal state, but also murdered an entire planet of people including his family. Dirren used a beacon to lure Sorecrians into other galaxies, this kept Daverius’ attention off of Dirren. With procedural investigations ending on the d

With his rise to power came many changes. As selfish as the galactic lords were, Dirren found a way to gain each of their support. Dirren campaigned that Daverius had given his people the chance to prove themselves. The people needed to be as one body like Daverius. The galactic lords formed into a council under Dirren and were given unrestricted power, but their only rule was to never disobey Dirren.

Not long after rebellions sparked up across the empire, whole planets revolted against their galactic dictators. Dirren’s response was to withdraw all defensive forces and set up an open-channel distress signal from the rebellious planet. The message would be intercepted by the Sorecrians who always took the opportunity to attack unprotected Daverian worlds. When starship captains began to question their orders the admiral would have to make sure the rebellious ship was ambushed or attacked first when fighting the Sorecrians.

Dirren spent years directing attention away from Daverius and completely on his doctrine. Most of the people began to forget the reality of Daverius, their god sitting quietly on his throne. Within ten years Dirren had complete control and majority of the population loyal to him. The galactic lords had been corrupted and it spread down to the star system lords and into the offices of the planetary governors. The government was fully infected by Dirren. Those loyal to Daverius continued to rebel and fight, but as Dirren’s control grew tighter, the rebellion degraded to isolated incidents.

The military was focused on the Sorecrians. Generals and officers were mixed on Dirren’s doctrine. Most Troopers knew who Dirren was, but nothing of his new laws. Dirren changed the boot camp education courses and put many of his galaxy’s military officers in key positions throughout the military. Also to bolster troop numbers Dirren organized a draft for young male Daverians caught without an adult if they were fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen. On average fifteen year old Daverians were commonly drafted. Although this further fueled the rebellions, the Trooper Corps almost doubled in numbers.

During these events the Knights organized an assault on Dirren’s palace. Hundreds of Knights were butchered in the streets by the overwhelming numbers and skill of Dirren’s private army. Upon killing the attackers, Dirren began purging the empire of Knights. The training planets of the Knights were set ablaze. Millions of Knights were killed over the next year and a half. The Knights found no haven on any planet and finally left for a sacred and hidden world. The Knights vanished without a trace.