Feb 05

Best Buy Experience

I worked at Best Buy for over a year and a half. In the time I worked the customers gave me a gift, they opened my eyes to how frivolous and needless the products at Best Buy are. I’m writing this on my Ipad 3rd Generation and having an ipad confirms what I’m saying. I only use it for a handful of things, which my iPhone could easily do. I don’t need an ipad. One customer said, “I need a tablet like I need a hole in my head, but my wife wants one.”

I never understood why a parent would buy a MacBook Pro for their ten year old. Usually the kid wanted it for Minecraft if it was a boy or Facebook if it was a girl. I would say, “you know there is a computer for 599.99 that will do the same as this. Unless your editing a film or photos you don’t need a computer this expensive.”

Every time I got the same rebuttal, “yeah, but these don’t get viruses and this is the one she wants anyway.”

“Wanna get protection?”

“Nah, if she breaks it she can get another one.”

The kids always glare at me when I suggest a cheaper computer, but they honestly don’t need a Mac. They are just caught up in the consumerist culture that infects our society. Best Buy isn’t blameless, the whole store is a massive walkthrough advertisement. Every sign, color, video, and word you hear or see in Best Buy is crafted to create a shopping experience: Stay and buy, don’t have enough money? You can apply for our fast financing, it’s the simple solution and smart choice. Sony and Apple stores I’ve been in don’t do that.

I’ve worked for private owned family businesses in the past and I’ve worked for corporations. Both are good and bad, I worked for a business on Padre Island called Ocean Treasures andthe owners were rude and treated us like criminals. I was even yelled at for not watering the plants on the golf course across the street fast enough. Multiple cameras watched the registers.

Best Buy is a good company to work for if you want to be a lifer. The managers are great, the staff is like a giant family, and there are benefits for full time employees. The HR support was patient and helpful with my tuition reimbursement. I didn’t enjoy my wages, but there were bonuses that slightly softened the annoyance of making less than most of my coworkers.

What’s ridiculous about the way people are these days is they would rather drop 1500 dollars on crap for their kids, who won’t fully utilize the device, than use the money to help the environment or find a better use for the money. People just want to drink a beer, sit in front of the tv, and have their screaming kids leave them alone. They would rather the world fall apart and care when it’s too late.

There was a kid that threw a fit because we didn’t have the 17″ MacBook Pro he wanted his mom to get him. While I sat there listening to him I remembered the pen pal I had in the 6th grade. One letter she sent me was about how the military was shooting into the town across the river and the bridge was destroyed. The grocery stores were on the other side of the bridge. The military gave them food, but here is this kid crying over a MacBook Pro while that girl I knew was going without food and her town was being shelled. I’m not any better, I try not to get caught up in the consumerist culture, but I have an ipad and an iPhone and soon I’ll rebuild my computer.